Coldblooded trotters


What genetic potential does your Coldblooded horse have for trotting?

A major change has been seen in Coldblooded trotters in recent decades. They have become lighter and quicker. The gene variant for quick trotting seems to have crossed into Coldblooded trotters, improving their trotting technique. You can use the SynchroGait test with Norwegian Coldblooded trotters, Swedish Coldblooded trotters and Finnhorses.


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How can this test help you?

  • You can choose to work with horses that have the genotype you want
  • It gives you valuable information when planning your breeding work
  • You can tailor your horse’s training programme to its genotype
  • You can test for this gene variant at a young age, when the horse is just a foal


Research results in brief

  • A blind study showed a significant correlation between a horse’s trotting technique and its genotype
  • CA horses are described as ‘clean trotting trotters’, CC horses find it more difficult to coordinate their legs while trotting at high speed, while AA horses have a   natural talent for pace and rarely have difficulty coordinating their legs in trot at high speed
  • A blind study revealed that AA and CA horses have better capacity than CC horses
  • CA horses earned almost twice as much prize money as CC horses between the ages of three and six among the horses that we tested


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Our new calculations on the effect of DMRT3 in Coldblooded trotters will soon be presented in English. Please contact Lisa Andersson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information. 


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If a CA horse is crossed with an AA horse, the expected frequency of AA foals is 50%, while the other 50% is expected to be CA.

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Test your horse

The DNA tests are preformed on a hair sample or a cheek swap depending on which laboratory is used. Order sample kits and follow the easy instructions for sampling. 


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Comments from the coachman

SynchroGait gives us a better understanding of why Coldblooded trotters move in the way they do. This discovery confirms something that I’d suspected for some time – that there is a gene that has a major impact on trotting technique. CA horses are the easiest horses to train as they often have a natural flare for trotting. AA horses tend to go towards pace and they can trot at high speed if they learn to master the technique. CC horses need slightly more time and training, but the final result is normally good.


Jan-Olov Persson, trainer and coachman of Coldblooded trotters. 24 July 2012